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The MoneyU Offer for Schools and Colleges

We are pleased to offer MoneyU in volume to schools and colleges for a fee of $20/student.

Here’s what you get for this fee:

  • Student access to the MoneyU 2.3 course through the end of the year. Students may begin the course at anytime and take as long as they wish to complete the course, as long as it happens before then. Even after students complete the course they will have access to MoneyUs widgets, calculators and reference.
  • One administrator login for the institution's Requestor, program coordinator, teacher or registrar. In addition to access to the course, the Administrator will also have access to reports on student enrollment, progress through the course, and pre and post test scores.

How will the sign-up process work?

MoneyU at $20 a studentTo be automatically eligible for the schools' price, an institution will have an email address with a .k12 or .edu extension, verified upon registration. Here are the steps the administrator will follow:

  • Complete the registration, including all information requested.
  • If you choose to pay by check an invoice will be emailed to the Requestor. When payment is received you will receive by email the group codes requested and all the documents to help you and your students get started.
  • If you choose to pay by credit card, your order will be processed immediately and you’ll receive by email the group codes you requested, together with all the documents to help you and your students get started.

To be eligible, your school must be a degree-granting secondary or post-secondary institution.  Complete the institutional registration form and we’ll manually confirm your school’s eligibility. We’ll send you an email with our determination and get you started. Depending on volume, this process could take several days.

What is a group code?

The school has a total number of seats for which it pays the fee. Group codes are used to identify your school. They are also used to reduce the number of seats available by each person who uses them to register and enroll. Finally, each group is a virtual “class” for reporting purposes. To make it easier for you to distribute and control the use of those seats, and to make reporting manageable,  you may wish to have more than one group code.

Who controls the seats my school has available?

You do through your distribution of group code(s) to your students. You can use the reports to determine if unauthorized people have gotten access to, and are using your group codes. MoneyU and Griffin Enterprises will not be responsible for such unauthorized use, although we’ll try to help if there is a problem.

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