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MoneyU Background

MoneyU is a venture involving the collaborative talents of the founder - a successful entrepreneur and parent of young adults - and an award-winning eLearning development company. The company has no ties to the financial industry.

As a mother, Griffin became an advocate for financial literacy among young people, leading seminars for parents to learn how to teach their kids about money. Wanting to reach a greater audience effectively, she considered other means to deliver her message.

Griffin enlisted the instructional design expertise of Games2Train and Jersey Cow companies that blend rich content with innovative, interactive online training. Together, they created MoneyU, a whole new approach in teaching essential financial skills to a generation raised in a "buy now, pay later" environment.

MoneyU takes content that is relevant to college and high school students and presents it in a dynamic game-based medium. The material is solid; the result is compelling: financially literate young people who are equipped to avoid the pitfalls of debt while embarking on the path to prosperity.